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CloudCherry among three startups selected by MAST Global for their entrepreneurial accelerator progr


June 20, 2016

Bangalore (June 20th 2016) — Mast Global Business Services India announced today the selection of Senseforth, CloudCherry and SayPay Technologies Inc. as finalists for ‘LEAP Cohort2’ –in the Leading Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (LEAP). Partnering with Kyron, a leading Accelerator in India, LEAP is designed to engage Mast Global with Indian startup companies in exploring new technology solutions while enabling entrepreneurs to gain valuable access to domain expertise and learning.

SenseForth — Humanlike conversation platform built on artificial intelligence (www.senseforth.com)

CloudCherry — Customer experience management and feedback software that helps brands track, measure and improve customer loyalty and profitability (www.getcloudcherry.com)

SayPay Technologies Inc. — Voice biometric payment solution where users can authorize ecommerce purchases, P2P (peer-to-peer), bill pay, etc. by using a unique, secure biometric “voice signature.” (www.saypaytechnologies.com)The LEAP Cohort2 program is expected to commence on June 20, 2016.