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IDG Ventures Awards Manthan for Exceptional Business Growth


November 11, 2014

Analytics solution provider recognized by a leading venture capital fund.

Manthan, a leading provider of advanced analytical solutions for the retail and Consumer Packaged Goods industry, was named the ‘Pride of India 2014’ by IDG Ventures for Exceptional Business Growth in the Enterprise Segment.

A leading Indian venture capital fund, IDG Ventures recognizes high potential technology and technology enabled businesses, and supports entrepreneurs in building category-leading companies both on a domestic and global basis.

The ‘Pride of India 2014’ was awarded to Manthan in recognition of the company’s stellar growth brought on by the implementation of a commercially successful SaaS business model which lowers barriers to acquisition, on-boarding, deployment and time to value.

Over the years, Manthan has developed an unparalleled understanding of both the retail and CPG industries and their constraints across geographies.

“The digital revolution has shifted the buying power to the CMO, something we perceived a while ago,” commented Atul Jalan CEO of Manthan. “Our increased focus on industries like consumer packaged goods, with solutions for direct to consumer marketing, demand signal management and shopper analytics, have helped capitalize on this demand contributing to our financial success.”

This industry insight has also helped the company to quickly adapt the most recent developments in big-data analytics into actionable business solutions, converting uncertainty into usable probability for the world’s leading businesses.

“This is the third time we have won this award,” adds Atul. “We believe it is an exciting indication of things to come in the future of the company’s growth.”

Manthan will be showcasing its suite of Analytics solutions at Booth #3463 at the upcoming NRF 104th Annual Convention and Expo in New York City, January 11-14, 2015. For more information please click here.

About Manthan
Manthan serves as the Chief Analytics Officer for consumer industries worldwide. Manthan’s comprehensive portfolio of analytics products and solutions are architected with deep industry specificity, bringing together analytics, technology and industry practices to evolve sophisticated, yet intuitive analytical capability. Over the past few years, Manthan’s analytics competence has helped us provide solutions to over 170 leading organisations across 19 countries. At Manthan, we understand the retailer and his issues. Visit Manthan at https://www.manthan.com/