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Chiratae Sonic is our seed initiative, which guarantees a 48 hours turnaround time on seed investment of less than or equal to $ 500,00 up to $ 2 million.
One of the biggest challenges an early-stage entrepreneur faces is the tedious and time-consuming process of raising capital. We believe innovation needs to be at the core of why and how founders interact with investors. By solving and simplifying the ‘how’ of that conversation, Chiratae Sonic strives to empower founders to focus on innovation above all.
If you are a startup looking to raise a seed round, apply to Sonic here.
If you are a business looking to partner with us and support the Sonic program, then reach out to us at

Program Details

Who should apply?

If you are building an early-stage disruptive technology business in the focus areas mentioned below and would like to scale up quickly, this program is for you; if you are looking to raise seed investment from a leading venture capital investor, you are at the right place, at the right time. At Chiratae, we believe in partnering early on with founders and support them throughout their growth journey.

How to apply?

We have created a detailed application form for you, please click here to apply.

Till when can I apply?

Chiratae Sonic is now our flagship seed initiative and we are accepting application through the year of 2023. To help us learn more about you, please apply here

When can I expect a response?

The team at Chiratae Ventures is committed to quick response to founders applying to the program. If you meet the investment criteria and the focus areas, one of the team members will reach out to you at the earliest to schedule a conversation; from the first pitch call, the team assures a response of 48hours with the next steps

What if I am raising more than $500 K seed round?

At Chiratae Ventures, we invest up to $2M at seed stage. If you are raising beyond $500K, we would still encourage you apply HERE and our investment team will work towards an accelerated investment decision

What are the Investment Terms?

  • Investment either by equity or convertible debt
  • Entrepreneur-friendly standard terms
  • Standard VC investment terms
  • More details to be shared with the founding team during the process of diligence process

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