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The 9th edition of Chiratae Ventures Spotlight was held in Mumbai in October, and it saw ~40 portfolio companies, ~150 investors and ~550 one-on-one meetings.

Music has been the soul that has driven civilisations since aeons and India has been at the forefront of musical revolution. From the breadths of Kashmir to Kanyakumari and in the past century music from India has been globalised to every corner of the world with the advent….

B2B Marketplaces are a huge untapped opportunity in India, with equal interest from founders and investors alike. The article goes over why B2B Marketplaces are an attractive space, how we as investors evaluate them……

The FDA’s groundbreaking approval of IDx-DR, an artificial intelligence-powered software by IDx, marks a significant advancement in healthcare by aiding doctors in interpreting medical imagery.

Packaging, the old brown cardboard boxes of the yore has come a long way. Today, it is a big influencer for consumers while making purchasing decisions, key lever for brands to communicate good experience and ensure brand recall.
Chiratae Ventures leads the Series A round in agri-tech startup — Ergos along with existing investor Aavishkaar Capital. Below is the story…
‘Mega M&A’ has been a big chatter topic for the past few weeks in the technology world. While in the US, everyone has been discussing if the next home for their favourite Tiktok videos would be Microsoft or Twitter….
Reflections on brand name, identity, change and re-branding.
Why Chiratae Ventures led a $9m Series A investment in Pando.
The article explores the transformation of India’s payment landscape in the aftermath of demonetization, pondering the potential emergence of a cashless society driven by fast-evolving digital payment solutions and its impact on the startup ecosystem.