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Chiratae Spotlight is one of the largest platforms for follow-on funding.

Spotlight is our flagship program for portfolio companies to identify and engage with investors. Chiratae Spotlight enables investors worldwide to discover our exceptional portfolio companies and initiate meaningful engagements.

This engagement can eventually lead to potential investments in these ventures. The investor base includes financial investors across stages, strategic investors, corporate venture capital entities, venture debt entities and Limited Partners. To adapt to the current landscape, we have embraced a hybrid approach by conducting the event offline and online.

At Chiratae, we specialise in identifying and investing in cutting-edge early-stage ventures. We support these companies throughout their growth journey by offering strategic advice on leadership, operations, and overall strategy. Furthermore, we facilitate their connection with the broader ecosystem, enabling fruitful discoveries. As these startups expand in size and scale, they actively seek new investors to partner with for the long term.

Spotlight brings together multiple portfolio companies and investors from various sectors, fostering the process of discovery and engagement. It provides a valuable opportunity for our portfolio companies and investors to learn about each other and establish strong connections, ultimately leading to successful investment partnerships.

In line with the times, we have adopted the hybrid approach of conducting the event offline and online. We intend to expand the platform to be held across geographies and formats multiple times a year.
If you are an investor interested in joining the growth journey of our portfolio companies, we invite you to be a part of Spotlight. Please reach out to us as at
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