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Theramyt Novobiologics forges partnerships with VCs

Theramyt Novobiologics
October 11, 2013

Theramyt, a niche Bangalore-based, bio-pharma enterprise, has raised significant funding to pursue its goal of developing treatment-altering biological drugs.

Its focus on delivering biobetters, biological drugs of tomorrow, combined with significant opportunities for value creation, have attracted the attention of several prominent venture capital houses.

Notable among them are:

  • Accel Partners – a globally known firm that has supported some of the best names in business, such as Facebook, Flipkart, etc.
  • IDG Ventures – a VC giant that manages more than US$ 6 billion globally, with an India-focussed US$150 million technology venture capital fund
  • Aarin Capital Partners – which nurtures enterprises from incubation till exit, and has a portfolio of companies in emerging business areas
  • KITVEN Fund – the government-backed Karnataka Information Technology Venture Capital Fund, focussed on investments in Karnataka, India

Elaborating on the development, Sohang Chatterjee, Director and CEO at Theramyt, says, “Biotech healthcare needs collaborative R&D and smart application of science to control the costs of healthcare and meet the therapy requirements of a wider population and disease type. Our pedigree and associations with current investors will help in addressing this need.”

Kavitha Iyer Rodrigues, Director and COO, adds, “With these associations, we look to leverage global expertise, M&A experience and support for operational excellence, which will position Theramyt as a key biotech healthcare player. Not just in India but also in the international markets.”

About the company

Theramyt is a niche bio-pharma enterprise that leverages strong research capabilities to deliver tomorrow’s biological drugs: biobetters. Combining deep domain understanding and proven drug designing capabilities, it generates novel therapies for oncology, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes.

Theramyt’s unique business strategy is built on developing niche bio-molecules, which can evolve from biosimilars to biobetters to NBEs (New Biological Entities). The aims are twin-fold: deliver affordable, effective and treatment altering therapies to patients, while pushing the boundaries of bio-pharma research for value creation.

The company’s distinct advantages include:

  • A leadership team that successfully built a biosimilar development company and delivered value to investors
  • Robust technology platforms to offer improved protein expression outcomes, a key factor in biological drug designing
  • Commitment to R&D and enhancement of in-house scientific capabilities
  • Collaborations with domain experts, the industry and academia

To know more about the company, reach us at:

Theramyt Novobiologics Pvt. Ltd.,
118/119 Prasad Enclave,
Yeshwantpur Industrial Suburb, 2nd Stage,
5th Main,Yeshwantpur,
Bangalore 560 022,
Karnataka, India

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