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Visionary Encounter Fireside Talk Series by Sudhir Sethi with Azim Premji

The “Visionary Encounter Fireside Talk Series” video featuring Sudhir Sethi and Azim Premji explores the latter’s extensive career and his philosophy on business and leadership. Azim Premji, the former chairman of Wipro, shares insights on the principles that have guided him, such as ethical business practices, long-term vision, and the importance of innovation and resilience in leadership.
Premji discusses his experiences in growing Wipro from a small, hydrogenated cooking fat company into a global IT powerhouse, emphasizing the value of adaptability and the need to embrace change. He also highlights the role of education and philanthropy in his life, reflecting on his significant contributions to these areas through the Azim Premji Foundation.
The conversation provides valuable lessons for entrepreneurs and business leaders on maintaining integrity, focusing on sustainable growth, and the impact of giving back to society.
For more details, you can watch the full video & read more about the series on Visionary Series.